About Us

Roadrunner Digital is the premiere outdoor advertising outlet for the Tampa Bay region and beyond.

The Roadrunner Digital trucks have digital billboards on three sides (driver-side, passenger-side, and back-side) that drive the streets of Tampa Bay advertising local businesses.

Our History

Eric, Roadrunner Digital founder and owner, created the company under a different business name. He offered graphic design, marketing and advertising through various methods.

Eric dove head first into the outdoor advertising industry when he built his first digital truck and started digital advertising in Tampa Bay.

Eric restructured the company so that he could provide advertising solutions at more affordable rates. Through this restructuring effort what is now known as Roadrunner Digital was born.

Eric built a second much improved digital advertising truck that focused on entertainment and local event participation.

Efforts underway to expand the digital truck fleet.

Our Advantages

Given the digital nature of the advertising that we provide, the advertisements can easily be changed on the fly. This provides advertisers an array of management features not offered through traditional advertising methods. For example an advertiser may choose to display different ads at different times of the day making their messages not only relevant but timely.

  • Wildly Customizable
  • Professional team
  • Personalized services
  • The most effective form of advertising
  • Affordable pricing
  • Innovative technologies
  • Interactive advertising
  • Industry exclusivity available
  • Turn more heads

R. Eric Dodson

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Brian Gardner

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Nielsen conducted 1,256 online surveys with US residents age 18 or older who lived in and around five major cities – Atlanta, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Tampa. Respondents were screened for having traveled on specified roads containing digital billboards within the past 30 days.

  • Digital Billboard Visability

    75% noticed a digital billboard in the past month

    60% noticed a digital billboard in the past week

  • Recall Rate

    82% could recall specific advertising used on digital boards

  • Effectiveness

    61% agree digital billboards are a good way to learn about Sales & upcoming events.

    65% consider digital billboards a good way to learn about NEW BUSINESSES in the area.

  • Its Cool!

    In gauging consumer attitude toward digital billboards, the study found the majority of respondents appreciated the advertising platform. Seventy-two percent think digital billboards “are a cool way to advertise.”

  • Affordability

    The average cost to reach 1000 viewers on the Roadrunner Digital truck is a fraction of the total cost when compared to other more traditional advertising methods including print, television, and free-standing billboards.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide our clients with professional branding and advertising solutions. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond by assisting our clients in the growth and success of their own business with mutually beneficial results. Our mission is to promote digital advertising solutions to the greater Tampa Bay region and beyond, and serving as the premiere mobile digital billboard advertising company for the greater Tampa Bay Region.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that over 500,000 adult residents travel between Pinellas and Hillsborough counties each week! In short, that equates to a lot of people in their cars and on the road - a perfect opportunity to advertise through the type of mobile advertising that Roadrunner Digital provides.

Traditional Billboards Vs Digital

Frankly, traditional billboards are forgettable. A traditional billboard ad can't be changed without hiring someone to climb up and repaper it, which is usually time-consuming and expensive. And if your traditional billboard has to compete with a nearby LED ad, it's likely that your message will be overshadowed.

The Digital Advantage

LED billboards have some impressive advantages. They're almost impossible to ignore. They're extremely bright, they have color and movement and special effects. They can be changed quickly and easily if important facts change, such as the date of an advertised event. They can be customized so they're relevant to the time of day when they're shown -- rush hour, for example. They are also the favorite in the most heavily traveled tourist destinations in the country.

Put blunty, if you advertise with us you will get noticed.


"Roadrunner Digital makes it really easy to be at events because its very very visable, it can go to any event that we need to go to, everybody see's it, and they remember you're there."

Frank Walker, Walker Ford Company

"Roadrunner Digital opens up so many doors because so many more people see us. Rather than just being on one billboard in one place, we're all over!"

Katerina Vecchiarelli, Kategory5 Surf Shop

"Our brand is our personality. It's not just our logo and graphics, but rather the personality of our store. We want out customers to feel part of the local community, and that all in turn is why Roadrunner Digital is a great partner for us."

Cheryl Rosselle, Nature's Food Patch

"It's so affordable. If you compare the prices between a free-standing billboard or even print advertising with Roadrunner Digital; there's no comparison!"

Katrina Cole

"Roadrunner Digital came out to host a movie night at our children's school, and it was an amazing night! The kids loved the movie, the picture was excellent and the sound was amazing. We can't wait to do another event with Roadrunner Digital! Thank You!!"

Nicole Delfino, Curtis Fundamental Elementary

"I hired Roadrunner Digital for my son's 10th Birthday party, and they are STILL talking about it weeks later! It was his best birthday party to date. Got them engaged, pumped them up, and we even played a little Mortal Combat on the big screens to show them even us adults still know what's up! I WILL be hiring them again and recommend them 100%!"

Lisa Sampietro, A Great Mom

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